If you're Arab, then you know all about the barrage of questions foreigners ask upon learning where you are from. 

Camels ... deserts ... flying carpets etc., stereotypes are still very much alive and well, thanks to the one-dimensional media coverage our region receives. 

But, people on Twitter seem to have had enough and felt an urge to share with the world the types of questions they get asked when meeting foreigners. 

They'll definitely leave an impression... 

When Dubai is associated with camels

More camels ... and more camels

Egypt and desert go hand in hand ...

Oh, and not to forget Egyptian camels of course

WAIT, the belly-dancing ...

Morocco + couscous is a relationship that can't go unnoticed

When they find out Morocco is located in Africa ...

Qatar is just "that place next to the UAE"

If you're from Lebanon, you don't "look" Middle Eastern... Ugh.

East KSA needs thorough explanation

And ... Libya near Bangladesh?