The fashion world has taken an unfortunate blow with the death of German fashion designer, creative director, artist, and photographer Karl Lagerfeld.

The superstar fashion designer, who was the creative director for Chanel and Fendi, reportedly died aged 85 in Paris, France. 

As one of the most influential fashion icons of modern times, Lagerfeld is being mourned by fashion enthusiasts across the world, including the Arab region.  

Lagerfeld had reportedly been ill for a few weeks prior to his passing, subsequently missing several fashion shows including the Chanel haute couture show in January.

According to The Guardian, Lagerfeld died after being admitted to a hospital on Monday night, but the cause of his death has not been revealed.

Hailed as "the master of reinvention," Lagerfeld is notably credited with reinventing and preserving luxury French label Chanel.

However, his career was certainly not void of controversies. The designer had been heavily criticized by animal rights activists for the use of animal fur in his designs. He also sparked outrage in 2017 after referencing the Holocaust while denouncing Chancellor Angela Merkel for opening Germany's borders to migrants.

He showed interest in Arabian fashion

In 1994, Lagerfeld stirred controversy after designing Chanel dresses embroidered with verses from the Qur'an. He claimed at the time that he had mistakenly believed the text was from an Indian love poem, according to The Independent

He went on to draw inspiration from the Middle East in a less problematic manner, presenting an Arabian nights-themed show in Dubai in 2014 and launching an Egypt-inspired collection in December 2018, according to Arab News.

Arab fans are shocked by the news

"A big loss for the fashion industry"

"Sad day for fashion"

Arab fashion designers are expressing their condolences

"In great honor and admiration of the iconic fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld - Rest In Peace."

And so are Arab influencers

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid posted a heartfelt tribute

"Nothing feels right a loss for words and so heartbroken by the loss of Karl. His humor, wit , love and passion for fashion will live on forever. Thank you for the inspiration that you gave to this world and for all of the hearts that you touched in the process. Every time I saw you it felt like the first time & I will miss your hugs so much. I feel so lucky to have been in your presence. Sending my love to the Lagerfeld family and to all closest to him. I am so sorry. We all love you so much. Rest In Peace KL."

"One of the last legends of the fashion world"

Social media users are sharing some of his most influential quotes

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