Since the American thriller seriesYOU dropped on Netflix, it has become a hit among millions including many Arabs.

Starring Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lailthe series follows a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with an aspiring writer and terrifyingly stalks her online. 

Obsession is the central theme in the show and seems as though it's spread among Arab fans.

Don't believe us? We have proof: 

It's all over Arab Twitter these days

"The scariest and most worrying things I've seen recently is the YOU series. A show that leaves you all mentally and emotionally messed up." 

"What made me start YOU before I finish my finals..."

Some are a little freaked

"After I finished watching the first episode of YOU."

Freaked out is an understatement here

"Me after watching the first episode of YOU."

The Arab version of YOU

"Simply put, this is the Kuwaiti version of YOU." 

"You won't get this unless you watch YOU"

A few Arab fans are obsessed with the show's lead

"OK it's true that the show is frustrating me but what's all this handsomeness?" 

Now this obsession is too real

Some fans can completely relate to the series

"What's with the fact that I read the synopsis of YOU and felt the story of my obsession with my favorites has been turned into a show." 

Finishing the show left some in questionable state of minds

"- If I say I love Joe, would I be a psycho?

- I wish he'd love me and kill people for me and we live in a glass cage together."

It completely shattered others

"*Turn on sadness and emotional issues*

Me after I finished watching YOU."

Fans of this show can't get back to their lives