If there's one thing you're guaranteed to find at an Arab home, it must be lemons. For some odd (but understandable) reason, Arabs believe the citrus fruit to be the answer to everything. 

To say we're obsessed with them is kind of an understatement. We use lemon slices to clean, to make homemade remedies, and to substitute store-bought beauty products. 

If you've used lemons for at least half of the situations below, you're definitely part of the #LemonClub: 

1. For a life-changing morning remedy: Drink lemon + water

Source: Flickr

Arab moms believe that drinking water and lemon in the morning is the best solution to your exhaustion. Say goodbye to vitamin pills and say hello to "detox" water as they like to call it.

2. For the removal of rust stains: Scrub affected areas with a lemon slice

Source: Wiki How

You could also try making a paste using lemon juice and salt and scrub the rust using a sponge.

3. For a natural aftershave: Use lemons

Source: Fashion Lady

The famous Arab myth we all (deep down) know works. 

4. For dark elbows: Scrape the dead skin away with lemons

5. For yummier food: More lemons!

What is tabbouleh without lemon? And what are we without tabbouleh? 

6. For homemade remedies: Lemon is an essential ingredient

Whether it's a cold, sore throat, or stomach flu ... lemon is an essential ingredient in your mother's healing remedies.

7. For cleaning: Lemon-scented creams are amazing

All your cleaning products, from surface cleaners to JIF creams, have the fresh scent of lemons. Get ready for a house that smells garden-fresh all year round!