These songs were the ultimate guilty pleasures of the early 2000s. You knew they were awful, but you couldn't help but swing your hips to them and hum the melodies throughout the day. When the DJ blasts them at a wedding, you're the first to roll your eyes and say "not that one again." You're also the first one to hit the dance floor and yes, everyone can see you were in total euphoria.

1. Haifa Wehbe – Agoul Ahwak

Queen Haifa bursts onto the music scene.

2. Nancy Ajram – Akhasmak Ah

Back when were all gossiping about Nancy Ajram's plastic surgery.

3. Dana – Boss Alaya

4. Darine – Aywa Aywa

With lyrics as deep as a children's wading pool.

5. Ruby – Enta aref Leh

We all envied her crazy belly dancing skills.

6.  Ruby – Leh bidary Keda

7. Amar – El Ataba Gazaz

Okay, I like Jad Coueiri but this was a little tragic.

8. Douminique Hourany – Wawa Ah

We have no idea how this video got past the censors.

9. Maria – Ela'ab

This was the last time any of us ate cornflakes, folks!

10. Sabine – B3atli Email

Remember Dial up? No? Well, this video is forever here to remind you.