If you've been watching the internet the past couple days, then you definitely haven't missed this.

People have taken to Twitter under the hashtag # ArabGirlsBreakTheInternet, which has been trending in various countries across the Middle East including Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar and Egypt.

Yes, a bunch are just posting random selfies, but some are just flat out hilarious. Others have used this as an opportunity to send powerful messages to all those monitoring the hashtag.

One girl knows Lebanese girls all too well...

This one is trying to scare all the girls tweeting under the hashtag

Some want people to acknowledge the fact that some Arab girls are struggling to live their lives

And that people need to stop objectifying women

This one takes her tweet to a whole other level

Of course, many are just flaunting their beauty

Or begging to get recognized

"Check me out, I exist"

Because self-confidence is at an all time low for some

While others are simply challenging stereotypes

Some guys are just jealous... so they're taking part in the whole thing

While others are just creepily watching...