This week, an Arabic hashtag titled "the world without men" began making the rounds on Twitter, drawing polarized reactions from the public. 

Some women began dreaming of a world void of men and their policing behaviors, while others demanded the hashtag disappears.

A number of women think the hashtag is a "dream come true"

"Finally, my childhood dream has come true."

"I hope I live to see this become a reality"

"I imagine life would be amazing"

Many women addressed more pressing matters

"We'll find peace in the world"

"Life without men will be more beautiful. Imagine life without abaya, hijab and sadness. We'd have freedom, no betrayal or injustice ... we'll find peace in the world."

But, not everyone agrees

"Men are blessings ... even if they're just skeletons."

"Life without men is like Earth without rain, and night without the moon"

"Like salad without cucumbers"

"Life without men is like life without electricity"

"And a mobile phone without a charger."

"Women and men are complements"

"Dear woman: I would like to tell you that life is not a battle against men. Women and men are complements. The man is your father, your brother, your son. He is indispensable to you, and you are indispensable to him."

Men soon started to feel unwanted

And suggested the creation of their own planet ... far from women

"Come on men, we need to get moving ... and we won't come back to Earth. If we see any woman orbiting our new planet, we will break her legs."