Towards the end of October, creativity comes out in full force in celebration of Halloween. Arabs are quite original when it comes to their costumes ... and this year, one girl took the cake.

On Saturday, Arab Twitter user @seasonsofviolet decided to dress in a DIY "men are trash" costume to a Halloween party ... and piqued the interest of many social media users. 

The user - who prefers to keep her name anonymous - came up with the idea the day of the party. 

"'Men are trash' are words to live by for me and so many women ... so that was my inspiration," she told StepFeed.

"The dress was very easy to make, I just cut 2 trash bags and put a belt around my waist. That is my favorite thing about the costume ... that I didn't invest time, energy, or money in it," she added.

Her costume included Arabic tags that reference a number of phrases "men constantly use when interacting with women." One such tag reads "mat3esheeha kteer" which is often said by men who believe they have the right to tell women to chill. 

When asked if she could tell Arab men one thing, the Twitter user said she would tell them three simple words: "Just be quiet." 

The user received an enormous amount of hate in response to her costume. 

"I got called 'trash' myself, 'not funny' and of course the classic 'what if a man wore a costume that said 'women are whores?' ... I don't really care."

On the contrary, she believes the hate comments "prove that my costume is relevant and that men are indeed trash," she said.


People kinda fell in love with the user's sense of humor

"Best thing I've seen all day"

Score: 10/10

"We have a winner"


One word: GENIUS