The way us Arabs travel is very different, I have to say. We either pack too much, stress too much, or get insulted way too much. I bet you anything you can relate to a few of these things on the list. Let's begin:

It all starts with the joy of waiting for your visa

And the never-ending goodbyes at the airport

Not to forget the random security check you're always up against

Because your name sounds a bit too fishy...

Or just because really...

Which makes you think twice about your appearance prior to your arrival to the airport

Or else you'll have to deal with a million people staring at you

But you know traveling together as one big family is a must

As is packing up food for the air...because airplanes & airports have none

Even if it's bound to get taken away

Dealing with that one person who asks you to carry a "couple" kilos for someone living abroad

Having more than twice the number of bags than human heads

Which are all decorated with colored ribbons...

And never within the weight limit

Because carrying gifts back home is obligatory or else your relatives will get mad

As is carrying Arab spices ... because we can't live without them

Because you know you're not Arab if that doesn't happen

You only start to regret it when the smell of zaatar soaks into your clothes in the suitcase

And when having to explain what keshik is in foreign countries

Being the loudest family in the airport is a given...

And packing boxes because who knows when your next trip is going to happen

But then, the moment you land back home & see your entire family waiting for you is just awesome