#Brangelina. They're a couple born in controversy (Brad left Hollywood's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston and the world's hearts collectively broke for her). They lived in controversy (chronic developing world children shopping). And now they end ... as the butt of jokes from the world over, tinged with culture specific humor.

1. It's seriously big news

2. Because Brangelina is back ... on the Arab market

Time to dive in, ladies!

3. #Yay

4. Nemr Abou Nasser makes a statement.

5. Classic Arab Latshe 

6. Jen may not be thinking about universal karma, but we certainly are

*Jennifer Aniston following the #Brangelina split. Please guys, don't gloat*

7. "How could they do this to us?"

8. "A tragedy"

In all seriousness though, guys, let's talk #priorities.