An Arab mom had the perfect response when her daughter decided to compare her to one of the region's anti-aging celebrities, aka Najwa Karam

The entire thing went down after the mother was sent a text that featured Karam's image and read:"Mom, I can't believe this woman is older than you."

The woman then hilariously responded writing: 

"She didn't give birth to weirdos like you. She relaxed and lived for herself."

The savage comeback went viral on Arab social media after a screenshot of the conversation was posted by Twitter user @BoSameer

"صريحة الام #العنف_الأسري" Source: Twitter/BoSaMeeR

Sparking a hilarious meltdown among Arab tweeps

Everyone loved the hit-back

"Good one."

And hailed the mom behind it

"I salute her for this response."


Arab moms are sending this to their kids now

"My mom sent this to me yesterday, what does she mean by it? Should we just leave the house?"

So many people could relate to this

"Me and my mom everyday while watching TV"

"Arab moms are the best"