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A horrific case of sexual assault reported in Kuwait earlier this week sent shockwaves throughout the country.

In its details, an Arab expat based in the Gulf state decided to rape a woman after he found out that her husband was having an affair with his wife.

According to Al Anbaa, the man told his wife he would publicly shame her, expose her affair and then divorce her unless he slept with her lover's wife. The woman then shockingly agreed to help her husband in luring the victim to their home.

She invited the rape victim to her home, knowing the woman would be assaulted

To lure the victim, the rapist's wife called her, asking her to come over because she wasn't feeling well.  

Just moments after the victim arrived, the abusive man attacked her, forced her into the bedroom, sexually assaulted her and also filmed the entire incident. 

The victim immediately reported the assault to Kuwaiti authorities, who subsequently called her friend in for questioning.

The woman refused to cooperate with police officers who then turned to the country's public prosecutor. The latter issued an immediate warrant against both the woman and her husband. 

They were arrested at their home and are now set to face legal consequences in the case. 

The victim's husband was also investigated by police and admitted to having an affair with the woman who helped her own husband rape his wife.