An Egyptian woman who is based in Germany was shocked by the response she received from officials at a medical institution after she applied for a job vacancy, HuffPost Arabic reported

The woman was excited when she got an email response from the organization which is located in Germany's Alsdorf, but her excitement faded as soon as she read it. 

Speaking to HuffPost Arabic, the doctor, who chose to remain anonymous, said she was shocked that the email said her application had been rejected because she wears the hijab. 

"I had applied to several jobs since I arrived in Germany and because I knew there were documents I had to arrange, I sent an email to the doctor who owns this specific practice. But her response has left me stunned," the woman explained

In the email, the woman wrote: "Why did you send us a job application in the first place, there isn't a place for you with your hijab in this suburban area, think before you contact people for jobs."

"This is the only racist response I've received"

Given that the woman is in the process of applying for jobs in the country, she has seen her share of rejection but says this is the only racist email she has received so far. 

Soon after the incident, the woman filed a report with police accusing the doctor who responded to her of violating Germany's anti-discrimination law

The law prohibits employers from "discriminating against job applicants or employees on the basis of gender, race or ethnic origin; religion or belief; age; disability; or sexual orientation." 

Speaking to HuffPost Arabic, Abdul Rahman Ashour, head of the syndicate for Egyptian doctors in Germany, said police have reacted to the matter with compassion, standing against the verbal abuse the woman had endured. 

Not the only case reported in recent years

This isn't the first time a similar discrimination case is reported in Germany. Two years ago, a Muslim doctor was also rejected from a job at a dental practice because of her hijab. 

According to HuffPost Arabic, a 2016 survey conducted in the European country found that bias against Muslims at places of work is prevalent in Germany. 

As part of the study, a researcher sent out 1500 CV's to employers across the country under Muslim and Non-Muslim names. The percentage of negative replies she received was significantly higher when it came to the applications of Muslim women. 

Hijabis do not only face discrimination in Germany though. In countries across Europe, Muslim women who wear the veil go through difficulties and are often forced to choose between wearing their hijab or keeping their jobs.