Corruption is a global problem and it's getting worse. 

According to Transparency International, more countries sank deeper into corruption in 2016 than those that rose out of it. 

This is especially true throughout Arab countries. According to the organization's most recent Corruption Perceptions Index, 90 percent of Arab countries received a "failing grade" when it comes to corruption. 

"Five out of the ten most corrupt countries in the world are from the region," the report says, pointing out that only the UAE and Qatar "have managed to remain above the average," although their scores have declined in the last year.

Here's how the Arab countries included in the index stack-up, ranked from most corrupt to least corrupt.

14. Somalia (176 globally ... the worst on the ranking)

Score: 10/100 

13. Syria (173)

Score: 13/100 

12. Libya, Sudan and Yemen (170)

Score: 14/100 (all three countries) 

11. Iraq (166)

Score: 17/100 

10. Lebanon (136)

Score: 28/100 

9. Algeria and Egypt (108)

Score: 34/100 (both countries) 

8. Morocco (90)

Score: 37/100 

7. Kuwait and Tunisia (75)

Score: 41/100 (both countries) 

6. Bahrain (70)

Score: 43/100 

5. Oman (64)

Score: 45/100 

4. Saudi Arabia (62)

Score: 46/100 

3. Jordan (57)

Score: 48/100 

2. Qatar (31)

Score: 61/100 

1. United Arab Emirates (24 ... the least corrupt in the Arab world)

Score: 66/100 

Globally, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland rank as the five least corrupt countries, respectively.  

Only Denmark and New Zealand, the top two countries, managed a scored of 90/100, with every other country on the ranking falling below this high grade.