Controversial Egyptian belly dancer Sama Al Masry is causing quite the stir across the Arab world and this time it isn't because she's running for parliamentary elections.

Earlier this week, the belly dancer appeared in a promo advertising a religious show she's presenting during the holy month of Ramadan.

Titled "The people of knowledge", the show's ad was posted on social media and went completely viral shortly after.

In it, the popular entertainer is seen covering her hair with a loose veil and asking people not to judge her show before watching it.

As it continues to make the rounds online, the video is breaking the internet and the reactions to it aren't so positive, to say the least. 

The show is already facing legal trouble

Across Egypt and the Arab world, many are calling for Al Masry's Ramadan show to be banned even before it has aired. 

The show is also facing legal trouble after Egyptian lawyer Tareq Mahmoud filed a lawsuit against Al Masry, accusing her of insulting people's religious sentiments.

The show's promo sparked a hilarious meltdown of the sorts

Some Arabs reacted to the show's promo with anger and shock while others turned to humor.

Here's a little of what people had to say...

Some think Al Masry is up to something

"She's smart because she's promoting her program in a provocative way."

And believe she might even win the ratings race

"Sama Al Masry's religious show is going to trend like no other program ever did before... and you'll see!"

Others can't even though...

"Is Sama Al Masry seriously presenting a religious show in Ramadan?"

People are breaking down over this...

"See that program that's about to air right there... that's a religious show for Ramadan."

Egyptians are responding to the promo with sarcasm

"With Sama Al Masry... you won't be able to fast."

"Ramadan is more beautiful with Sama Al Masry"

And humor...

"Sama Al Masry is hosting a religious program during Ramadan and I am going to hand out free beer to people before iftar." 

However, not everyone is taking this lightly

"Ridiculing religion has reached this level?"