This week, Apple officially unveiled its new iPhone models which include the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

There is one thing that caught the attention of internet users all over the world, including Arabs, and that is the triple-lens camera. People have been posting different items that Apple might have been inspired by when it had laid out the design for its camera. 

You have an electric stove on one side and fidget spinner on another. You have predictions of what the next iPhone will look like. And, of course, you have people humorously commenting on Apple products' hefty price tags, though the iPhone 11 was actually priced at $699 in the U.S. — a price considered one of the cheapest that Apple introduced in 2017 with the iPhone 8. 

Here it goes ... 

"The next iPhone will look like this"

More specifically, iPhone 2029 be like

"Camera design or electric oven?"

Other iPhone lookalikes?

"The resemblance killed me"

"Inspired by the fidget spinner?"

"I advise them to add 'sale of organs' as a payment method"

Because this is how some people's insides will look like after the purchase

Well, truth be told, this explains "iPhone fans" pretty simply