As the Syrian war continues to destroy innocent lives, there is one artist using art to get people to " Think About Syria ."

Going by the name DAALI, this anonymous anti-war artist is using the power of art and imagery to raise awareness about the many war-torn countries around the world that are often ignored, with a special focus on Syria. The Syrian war has been ongoing for more than five years and has resulted in more than 250,000 people dead with more than eight million in need of assistance. DAALI wants people to know that just because "it's not happening in your country that doesn't mean it's not happening," a slogan that's highlighted in DAALI's most recent work.

"I live somewhere on this planet, I don’t belong to a certain nationality because I don’t believe in geographical borders," DAALI says on his/her website .

In a recent Facebook post, the anti-war artist shares images of major cities around the world being burned to pieces.




New York City

Although some his work may raise controversy, his art still plays an active role in changing the way the world works. Or more specifically, how the world thinks.