Lebanese authorities decided to pull the new horror film Annabelle 2: Creation from theaters the night it was scheduled to premiere across the country. 

According to Lebanese daily Annahar, movie theaters were asked to put the film on hold until further deliberation, after Christian clerics expressed their objection to some of its scenes.

However, a Cinemacity representative told StepFeed that the issue has already been settled, saying the film has been definitively blocked and will not be screened in the country.

The film, which revolves around a demonic doll, was reportedly screened for the General Security's Censorship Bureau earlier this month, after which it was passed on to the censorship committee.

The latter did not convene to assess the film until Thursday, the same day it was set to hit the screens.

According to Annahar, head of the Christian media committee, Father Abdu Abu Kasm, as well as Father Athanasius Shahwan, were present in the censorship committee's screening. 

After the broadcast, Shahwan demanded that the film be blocked over scenes that are considered offensive to Christian faith. 

Cinemas have since been asked not to screen the film until officials discuss the matter and issue a final decision, but according to the Cinemacity representative, the film is banned for good. 

The objections against the film have not been clarified, but they might stem from the fact that nuns are the victims in its plot. 

If authorities officially decide to block the film, Lebanon would become the first and only country in the Middle East to do so.

Here' what the Lebanese think about the ban:

"Intellectual repression"

"The clergy orders that a film be pulled from Lebanese cinemas. Intellectual repression."

R.I.P. art

"What a shame! God have mercy on art. The country is dragging us backwards."

People don't like to see religious figures meddling with the film industry

"Once again, Lebanese religious figures meddle with what does not concern them."

Meanwhile, others support the ban

"Although I'm against all kinds of censorship, but if there's something that offends Christian faith or any other faith, it should definitely be restricted."

"The movie definitely shouldn't be screened. Thank God they (clerics) finally made a move."