A now-viral video of an English speaking woman insulting a Saudi emergency responder because he couldn't understand her language sparked outrage in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. 

In the footage, the emergency responder is heard telling the woman he can't understand her language. 

Subsequently, she asks him to refer her call to someone who can speak English. The man then asks his colleagues if anyone at the center speaks the language. 

Angered by the man's response and the loud noises behind him, the woman then hangs up and hurls an insulting expletive directed at the responder. 

The video was uploaded to social media soon after the incident took place and has since gone viral. 

In his response to it, Saudi's Minister of Interior, Abdul Aziz Bin Saoud Bin Nayef, ordered an investigation into the case. 

However, people on social media, who were outraged by the way the woman spoke to the responder, hit back at the decision. 

Here's how the entire incident went down online: 

It all started when an English-speaking woman shared this video

Leading authorities to launch an investigation into the matter

"After the American woman's video, Saudi's Minister of Interior orders an immediate investigation into the emergency center's response to her case."

But Saudis were having none of it and hit back at the woman

Many were outraged by the now-viral video

Others asked this question...

A Saudi in the U.S. called 911 to prove this point...

In his response to the incident, a Saudi citizen living in the U.S. filmed himself calling emergency services in the country. 

In the footage, the man is heard using broken English to ask the responder if she speaks Arabic, she then abruptly hangs up. 

The video, which came in response to the incident that took place in Saudi, also went viral online and has amassed over 113,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Even though thousands attacked the woman, a few tried to defend her though

U.S. Embassy in Saudi does offer assistance to citizens in case of emergencies

Source: SA.USEmbassy

While it remains unclear whether or not the woman got in touch with the U.S. embassy in the kingdom, their website states they do offer assistance to citizens in case of emergencies

Though they also advise citizens to contact local authorities first, a statement on their website reads

"Even after hours, U.S. citizens can call the nearest embassy or consulate and reach a duty officer for assistance with serious emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week."