Mohamed Abdel Salam is not your regular Coldplay fan; Apart from loving the band's music, the Egyptian graphic designer has released Arabized artwork inspired by them. 

By taking a few of their songs, translating the titles into Arabic and adding an Egyptian twist to the images, Abdel Salam takes his fandom to a whole new level. 

"I have a dream, a dream of being a graphic designer for Coldplay, the band that made me a dreamer and gave me hope. I will always be doing artworks for Coldplay ... it will never end," Abdel Salam told StepFeed. 

The artwork was all "Yellow"

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Because "Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall"

So it goes ... "Up & Up"

"Viva la Vida"

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"A Head Full of Dreams"

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Counting "Clocks"

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And don't forget to believe in "Magic"

People seriously loved it!

"El gamal da"

Describing the artwork as "oddly fascinating"