Videos of a severe sandstorm that's currently hitting several governorates in northern Saudi Arabia are going viral. 

The sandstorm started on Saturday and continues to affect many of the kingdom's cities, including Al Qasim. 

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia's General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection issued a warning stating that the storm is expected to continue until late Wednesday. 

The sandstorm went viral on social media

Videos of it are still circulating on Twitter

No improvement was seen by Tuesday...

Some are now trying to take things into their own hands

Students are calling on schools to shut down

"They must suspend school classes."

To study or not to study?

The storm is also affecting other Gulf countries, including:


The storm also hit parts of Iraq, including Kurdistan, leaving 1 person dead and tens of others in need of hospitalization.


The storm also reached Kuwait, raising the alarm across the country and preventing thousands of students from getting to schools and universities.