Food trucks are now becoming a staple in Dubai, for all the succulent convenience they bring.  But, they do have a tendency to become overly crowded, and so, this is why a new type of food truck festival is coming -one that's for adults only. 

If you're 21 or above, and love good food, this is the place for you! 

The festival is set to start this weekend and run over the span of two, so that's January 19th till the 21st and the 26th till the 28th, with specific timings on Thursdays (8 pm - 2 am), Fridays (12 pm to 2 am) and Saturdays (4 pm to 11 pm).

There will also be an entrance fee of 10 dirhams. But, we have a feeling that you'll be spending more inside! 

Unbutton your pants and get ready to eat from ...

According to What's On Dubai, 12 food trucks have confirmed their spot at the festival.

Among those 12 are Sir-Loin & Sons, Burgeritch, Raclette DXB, Moti Roti, Moshi & Ka'ak Al Manara

It's always a good time for steak? Source: Image Source: What's On Dubai
Let's smother everything in sight with cheese!
Anyone up for sushi?

Could you be the new Salt Bae?

Another attraction is the Street food Lab competition, which, if you think you're good enough, you can enter. 

At the end of the month, one person will be chosen and that person will be backed by the DXB Street Food Market to launch their own line of street food. Also, every night an amateur chef will be picked to cook for hundreds (with the backing of certain brands).

If you have a recipe that you have always wanted to share, this could be your shot! Find details on how to enter here.