Remember that "right and wrong" meme that spread through Lebanese Twitter during April? 

Well, as funny and helpful as they were (explaining to non-Arabs how Arabs are,) some of these tweets took an extreme we very well knew existed in our region but not many focused on. 

Arab women are often considered second-class citizens who thankfully receive their daily dose of sexist and degrading comments. Some men, el hamdellah (thank God), like to push these comments even further, creating a whole community of disgusting, ignorant individuals. 

On sexualizing women ... undercover

On women being "pissed" for that only reason

On independent women being all but "independent"

ANYTHING but independent

On women being "chram*t" for rejecting men

On men replying with the best answer ever ...

On ignoring women's mental health

On men failing to discuss issues like adults

But hey, Arab women and all women are actually capable of doing whatever the f*ck they want ????