Multiple women recently revealed they had been sexually harassed by Egyptian footballer Amr Warda, ultimately leading to his expulsion from the team's Africa Cup of Nations squad. 

The sexual allegations against the 25-year-old footballer began when Instagram model Merhan Keller shared screenshots of conversations with the athlete, which included vile language wrapped in sexual advances. Soon after Keller's posts circulated online, other women began sharing their own experiences with Warda - all of which came with a push-and-shove approach. 

The footballer has since issued an apology in which he "hoped that no one is upset over what he did." 

If you haven't been following up on the story, here's a brief summary of what kind of texts Warda sends women — particularly women who reject him. His response to the simple two-letter word "NO" is composed of two things. 

It's either offensive, aggressive, and expletive texts or it's vile language followed by clicking the *block* button on the platform the two are communicating on. 

This was the case with several women who refused to see him, send him videos, or answer his calls.

But, Warda seems to be quite a narcissist at heart, too. He doesn't just try to call someone once. Or twice. Or thrice.  

With one woman, he tried six times (maybe even more) to get her to answer his video call. So, he imposes himself on women with no shame. That's not even the worst part. He objectifies the women he's speaking to. He told one woman "show me up [sic] your body" and asked another if she's a virgin. What a conversationalist, really. 

OK, so you probably get the point. Naturally, people on social media couldn't help but troll Warda for his shameless behavior; some even advised him to revise his so-called *flirting* strategy. 

"I show her but she didn't show me" was trolled big time

Literally no one but Warda would say something like this

Was he trying to prove to be a "song-writer" or what?

I show you, you show me ... we're a happy family?

*Warda trying to strike a deal*

A depiction of Warda upon seeing a woman

Upon hearing a woman *breathe*

His obsession with the *block* button was picked on

Savage trolling 101

A guide to normal behavior

Normal behavior is an art, really

A summary