Egyptian pop superstar Amr Diab released a teaser for his new upcoming single "Al Qahira" (Cairo) Monday, to the joy and surprise of his adoring fans.

The 46-second teaser is the first glimpse of new music from the seven-time World Music Award winner since he released the album "Shoft El Ayam" in September 2014.

Unlike his previous album sneak peaks, which were mostly centered on love and heartbreak, the new single pays tribute to the rich and complex identity of Egypt's capital.

"Al Qahira" was written by Tamer Hussien, composed by Diab and Ahmed Hussien and arranged by Osama El-Hendy.

Fans will get the chance to listen to the new single first on Vodafone Egypt's subscription-based service "Amr Diab World" which offers users exclusive content and news.

Over his career of more than 30 years, Diab has become the best-selling Middle Eastern artist of all time, he has also established himself as an innovator of Mediterranean music, widely recognized for blending Oriental Egyptian and Western musical styles in his music.

In addition, he is the only Middle Eastern artist to have won seven World Music Awards and the only African artist to have won six African Music Awards.