Earlier this week, photos of rumored Egyptian celebrity couple, Amr Diab and Dina Al Shirbeen, went viral on social media. 

The images were taken at a dinner party said to have been hosted by the couple. 

People have been speculating about the duo's relationship for months, with some tabloids even reporting that the two are already engaged. 

The two have consistently denied the rumors surrounding their relationship with Diab dismissing them time and again. 

His latest attempt, however, didn't go down too well. 

By tweeting out a photo taken at the dinner party and captioning it: "With the crew of my latest film," Diab drew widespread criticism from fans who just couldn't help themselves. 

It all started when Diab tried to shut down rumors like this

"With the crew of my latest film." 

And people are just not having it

Some are hitting back with memes

Lie detectors everywhere be like

"So she's not your wife like people are saying?"

"Film crew? Trying to fool me Amr?"

"Faree2 3amal eih ya 3enaya?!"

"Why are you holding the 'film crew' so close?"

"I love my film crew so much I am acting like I am their husband"

People just can't with the 'film crew' caption

It actually broke Egyptian Twitter

"Film crew."

Really Amr?

No, really?

"God exists"

"These reactions must be taught"