In an announcement made via his official Twitter account late on Monday, Egyptian star Amr Diab revealed the cover of his soon to be released album, sending fans into a complete meltdown.  

Diab, who is often referred to as Al Hadaba, is known to have a huge fan base across the Arab world. 

This probably explains why it only took a few minutes for the tweet to go viral. 

It continued to trend in the hours following the announcement, with people creating hashtags, sharing memes, and expressing their excitement over the news. 

Everyone is overjoyed

Overjoyed is an understatement here

People can't wait to hear the star's new songs

Fans are experiencing a meltdown of sorts

"Call 84, we need to hear this album right away. This is 'The Hadaba,' the legend, the king... borrow credits and call." 

Others can't even find words

People are making hilarious Amr Diab memes

And they're literally endless

Naturally, everyone is commenting on how young Diab looks

And no one can really explain it...