Amman is about to welcome its first ever pop up club! 

Ammanis, you can stop thinking about traveling to Beirut for the weekend. Local night club CLSTR or Cluster is opening soon and it looks like it's going to be a real hit. 

Presented by FUZZevents, which has organized some killer parties over the past few years, is breaking the status quo and opening their own little venue. 

FUZZevents gave us a small teaser back in January, so we could start polishing our dance shoes!

The picture didn't really give us a proper idea of what we should be expecting but it's all about the mystery to keep your juices flowing! 

A few days ago we saw this:

German DJ Wankelmut posted a photo of Amman, saying that he's playing at CLSTR's opening party on Thursday. FUZZevent previously booked the 'My Head is a Jungle' DJ last year at Champions, and it was amazing. 

This will be one interesting night. 

What do we know so far about CLSTR?

 It's all about firsts:

  • Amman's first ever pop-up club and really, first proper club (ever since Nai and Prãna closed down).
  • It's the first place to install a world-class D&B AudioTechnik sound system.
  • It's the first venue to have a very special and mysterious light system installed.
  • It's opening for four months only on Thursday.
  • Wankelmut is performing and we're sure this means there will be more international acts landing in Amman soon. 

See you on the dance floor people!