We all know how delicious Middle Eastern food is and Americans are no exception.

In a video produced by Buzzfeed, Americans indulge in some typical Syrian dishes for the first time ever, and they fell in love.

Here's how it went down:

They start of with a nice Arabic greeting... Ahlein!


First on the list... arak!

Which they said tastes like "black licorice, perfume..."


Then comes masareen... intestines stuffed with rice and minced meat. We're all familiar with that reaction, right?


Until you smell it... and start salivating


All you really have to do is get past how it looks...


Next up... kishik, a classic Levantine dish!

They either really loved it...

QW29EL (1)

Or really really hated it


And when they found out it's a powdery cereal made of burghul fermented with laban...


Most liked kibbeh bil saniyeh... because who doesn't?


Next up is maqlouba... originally a traditional dish in Jordan and Palestine... so good that the whole region specializes in it now!


Last but not least... knafeh!

Another specialty of the entire Levant region, in addition to Egypt and Turkey...

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