Popular American chain of grocery stores Trader Joe's recently started stocking and selling its very own frozen version of the beloved Arab dessert kunafa/knefe.

Made of a crust of kataifi (shredded phyllo dough) with an "interior blend of mozzarella and myzithra, a ricotta-like cheese made from sheep or goat milk," the frozen dessert bears some similarity to our version of it ... but isn't quite the same. It comes with a sachet of pistachios and a separate pack of syrup to be drizzled over it once it's baked. 

Now, while some people have already tried and loved it, we're having a difficult time accepting frozen kunafa/knefe

Trader Joe's "Kunefe" has quickly gained online popularity and is all over Twitter and Instagram. 

To say that it has divided people is an understatement because while many are excited about it, others just can't fathom the idea of it.

Spotting "Kunefe" at Trader Joe's be like

A few people who tried it said it tastes amazing

But if this is good, wait till you try real kunafa

Arabs are having trouble with this

To say the least

"No way this is like real knafeh"

A few labelled this "cultural appropriation"

"Unless Trader Joe is a Syrian grandma, this is rank heresy fight me"

"Kunefe? Trader Joe? This is blasphemy"

Let's add this to the hummus fight, shall we?

"End times"

The American brand definitely didn't stop at kunafa

"Organic buffalo style hummus," anyone?

Or maybe "roasted garlic hummus"?

For all avocado-loving people ... "Spicy avocado hummus" is available

And last but not least, a "Shakshuka starter kit"