Ibtihaj Muhammad is an American saber fencer and fashion entrepreneur – and a Muslim.

Her mother allowed her to join the local fencing team at 13, because of the modest clothing worn in the sport.

A graduate of Duke University with a double major in International Relations and African Studies, Ibtihaj is a member of the Peter Westbrook Foundation, which improves young lives in impoverished communities through fencing.

Ibtihaj is a 3-time All-American champion, a member of the national fencing team, and a Junior Olympian champion. She won the gold in the women's saber team event at the World Fencing Champions in 2014.

But Ibtihaj is not only an athlete; the 30-year-old manages a fashion house named Louella, and has already gained international acclaim for it.

You inspire us, Ibtihaj!