Power couple Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney are no strangers to charity work, and it seems like they have taken it further by hosting a refugee in one of their houses. 

Clooney recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that they have quietly opened their doors to a Yazidi refugee from Iraq and have been funding his college education.  

Speaking to the Los Angeles-based magazine, Clooney said that they have taken in a refugee who had fled Iraq because of the so-called Islamic State terrorist group (Daesh), without mentioning how long they have been hosting him. 

"He was on this bus to Mosul, and ISIS shot the two bus drivers and said, 'Anybody who wants to go to college, we will shoot them,'" Clooney explained. 

The unnamed individual survived, fled to the United States, and now lives in a house the Clooneys maintain in Augusta, Kentucky.

The Clooneys also encouraged him to pursue his education and decided to fund his studies at the University of Chicago.

"He got through all the [security] checks, and once he got through those, it was like, 'Listen, we got your back. You want to get an education? You want to move your life forward? This is something that we can do.'"

As an international law and human rights lawyer, Alamuddin has long campaigned for the Yazidi community facing persecution by the so-called Islamic State.

She was actually the first human rights attorney to come to the defense of the Yazidis in Iraq and sue members of Daesh.

In September 2016, she joined forces with Nadia Murad, who escaped Daesh's sex trafficking system to become a United Nations goodwill ambassadorto shed light on the plight of the Yazidi community.

Her support comes as the Yazidi community faces what the UN has acknowledged as genocide, with at least 3,200 Yazidi women being held in Daesh's brutal sex trafficking system.

Speaking about her time in captivity, Murad told the BBC, "Being in the hands of Daesh, we felt like we have already died. Most people die once in their lifetime, but we were dying every hour."

Apart from her individual efforts, Alamuddin has repeatedly joined forces with her husband to help those in need.

Last September, the couple launched an initiative to educate Lebanon's Syrian refugees in conjunction with 50 other philanthropic efforts from companies around the world.

Similarly, this August, they announced their plan to help send 3,000 Syrian refugees to school in Lebanon.