Videos that capture an alleged gay wedding being held in Saudi Arabia sparked outrage on social media late on Wednesday.

In the footage, two men can be seen walking down what seems to be an outdoor aisle, while music plays in the background. 

According to Al Marsd news site, the alleged ceremony was held in Mecca's Aradiyat governorate last week. 

Even though tweeps said authorities arrested people involved in the matter and are now thoroughly investigating the case, the story behind the footage has yet to be confirmed. 

Mecca police have also yet to release an official statement on the matter.

As the videos continue to circulate online, they're sparking a social media meltdown of the sorts. 

It all started when the footage went viral

The videos are causing quite the stir

And have gone viral on WhatsApp too

"Everyone is sending this gay wedding video to WhatsApp groups, what do they want exactly or is it that they like the idea?"

Many can't believe the entire thing

"Is this serious or what?"

"This isn't possible"

Others are speculating the truth of the matter

"I am not even Saudi, but nothing in the video proves where this happened. It's unfair and unacceptable to claim things that might not even be true if you have no proof. Maybe this is a bachelor party and the groom's friends are celebrating their own way."

"It might have been a stunt"

Some are saying police has already taken action

"The wedding was 300KM away from Mecca and everyone involved has already been arrested."

Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia

Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia as well as many other countries throughout the Arab world. Many countries in the region, including several Gulf nations, also impose strict rules and zero-tolerance policies.

Anyone who goes against these rules could potentially face fines, deportations, jail sentences, and in some cases even death sentences