Being the youngest one in an Arab family is a tragedy. People tend to think the worst of you. Not only does everyone think you're a spoiled brat but also, most of your pain goes unnoticed because everyone thinks you're mghannajeh.

It's like your opinion doesn't matter because what reason could you possibly have for being unhappy when you're the youngest? It's not like you can become subjected to abuse, bullying (in school or by your older siblings) or become ostracized in school or anything.

Your life as the youngest child somehow equals you not having problems in your life. That's what we call the no-logic logic. Older Arab siblings, especially brothers are in a league of their own.

1. Your siblings do their best to embarass you


2. You're subjected to way too many headlocks and arm locks


3. When you try to tell your parents, the answer you get is: "Kan am yemzah"


4. You're doomed to a lifetime of "Leh mafiki tkooni metel ekhwetek?" from everyone around you including teachers


Yeah, you wish!

5. Your siblings always tricked you into believing that they know what's best for you


6. Because they are so full of love.. or something!


Can you feel the love?