Some Lebanese singers were major back in the 1990s/early 2000s. Today they've totally lost face in the celebrity scene, even though some of these are still trying really hard...

Here are the Lebanese singers who are slowly (or rapidly) fading out:

1. Iwan

2. Pascale Mashaalany

Oh no, Pascale, what happened there?

3. Lady Madonna

Lebanese symbol indeed, but ain't nobody got time for leopard prints no more.

4. Simon Hadchity

I'll never forget those seventeen girls dancing around him in that one video clip.

5. Joanna Mallah

6. Aline Khalaf

I am dying to know who this photo shoot's creative director was.

7. Laura Khalil

8. Maya Nasri

9. Alaa Zalzali

I only recall him dancing in the rain (am I the only one?)

10. Toni Kiwein

Some good Dabke memories right there.

11. Mayez El Bayaa

I think a name change would have definitely helped avoid fading out.

12. Issa Ghandour

13. 4Cats

I guess Maya Diab used up all the combined 36 lives of these cats.