Dubai TV has announced that Ahlam 's show "The Queen" is getting pulled off air after only one episode, due to a popular campaign demanding its cancellation.

Only two days after the first episode was broadcast on March 15th, social media sites were full of angry responses to the idea of the show, which revolved around 25 participants competing for the title of the Emirati singer's "friend." The decision to pull the show off air came "at the request of viewers", according to a tweet posted on the official account of Dubai TV.

"At the request of viewers and taking into account the demands of the public, Dubai TV announces will stop airing the program The Queen"

People on Twitter had started the hashtag " # ايقاف_ذا_كوين_مطلب_شعبي " (Stopping The Queen is a popular demand), where they showed their anger at the show.

In the first episode, participants were put under investigation, and were asked to cut their hair and travel away from family and friends for over a year, in order to move forward in the competition. If they make it into the second round, they would receive a "Halloumi" ring that opens the queen's doors to them.

Most reactions to the first episode were extremely negative, as viewers seemed to see Ahlam as vain and arrogant.

"You said you're 'The Queen' and we didn't say anything, but enough is enough you're almost having them worship you"

"I hope that the news about canceling the show is true, she is a megalomaniac who should be banned from all shows and screens!"

But Ahlam answered those who criticised her, and promised to get even more vain in future episodes.

"I keep hearing that in my show The Queen I'm vain, but really you are misjudging me you haven't seen anything yet, wait until next week and the weeks after to see real vanity"

"You see I'm not vain, I've been like this my whole life, God gave me the prestige of royals what can I do? It's out of my hands. Love you."

Some called Ahlam "mentally ill."

"Ahlam must be shown to a psychologist"

Others pointed out that her fame comes from provoking people.

"Ahlam, sadly, isn't famous for anything that honors us or for her art, she is only famous for being a provoking person"

Others blamed the channel for even airing the show.

And of course, there were those who defended Ahlam and asked those who didn't like the show to not watch it.

"What concern of yours is it? Just don't watch the show"

And after the show was canceled, Ahlam tweeted a photo of herself with a crown emoji.