Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi has sparked controversy over the years, and her show 'The Queen' - which was taken off the air shortly after its launch - gave viewers a reason to call her out for her outrageous level of self-confidence.  

But, that hasn't stopped Ahlam, and her latest tweet in response to Apple's iPhone X announcement is proof of this very fact.

"I wanted to purchase the new iPhone but the facial recognition made me a bit hesitant. How can I be sure that no one will put my phone towards the moon and unlock it?" the singer tweeted. 

In doing so, Ahlam is suggesting that her beauty is like the moon's. 

Ahlam's confidence level: infinity & beyond

Confidence or narcissism?

A bit too much confidence, some would say

Others didn't get why Ahlam would want to look like a gray circle

*Ahlam moon memes* surfaced

Suggested 'faces' that could unlock Ahlam's phone soon followed

Jokes aside, hundreds of people actually loved her tweet

Calling her a "legend"

Expressing their love to her

Some even envy her level of self-confidence

More than one person actually

"She does have a sense of humor"

Another reason as to why iPhone X wouldn't recognize Ahlam's face surfaced