Twitter appears to have removed the account of imprisoned teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, according to RT.

Activists quickly created a new account calling on the social media platform to reinstate the detained teenagers account.


Manal Tamimi, a relative of Ahed, suggested Twitter was likely behind the account's removal

Was she banned after a request from Israel?

"So much for free speech"

The iconic 16-year-old activist was arrested last week by Israeli authorities after a video of her slapping a soldier circulated online. 

In the middle of the night, Israeli soldiers raided Tamimi's home in Nabi Saleh village in the northern West Bank. 

At the time, Bassem Tamimi, the young girl's father, confirmed the news on Facebook after her detention.

"Dear friends, Israeli occupation forces raided my home and arrested my daughter Ahed Tamimi. They beat us, searched our home and confiscated all our electronic devices, including cameras, computers, and mobile phones," he wrote. 

Despite international calls for Tamimi's release, Israel has continued to detain the teenager, along with her cousin Nour and her mother Nariman, who was arrested when she went to the police station to check on her daughter's status.

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett has previously suggested that Ahed Tamimi will spend her life "in the prison cell," according to Daily Sabah.

The Tamimi family are prominent activists, regularly protesting against the Zionist occupation of Palestinian land. 

Ahed Tamimi's younger 14-year-old brother Mohammad was shot in the head during a demonstration on December 22. The boy survived the serious injury and has been released from the hospital.

Although it remains unclear if Twitter actually removed Ahed Tamimi's account, the social media platform has a history of collaborating with Israeli authorities. Last year, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said Twitter removed content deemed "harmful".