The case of a Saudi woman who recently discovered that her husband had lied about being a Saudi national for over 15 years has caused quite the stir on social media. 

According to Okaz, the woman reported her husband to authorities after discovering that he had stolen the identity of his Saudi brother-in-law 22 years back and forged fake citizenship papers. 

During investigations into the case, the husband admitted he had illegally entered the kingdom with his family at the age of seven. 

He lived without legal documents for years, before he was able to forge the fake documents. 

Using the documents and the identity he'd stolen, the man married his wife, who allegedly knew nothing about his status and thought he belonged to a notable Saudi family. 

Soon after his arrest, the man was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to seventeen months in jail. He was also fined 3000 riyals ($800). 

The couple has six children together and the wife is now working on amending their citizenship status since they will no longer be considered Saudi. 

This is due to the fact that Saudi women who are married to foreigners are unable to pass down their nationality to their children. 

The case is still making the rounds online

People are shocked

"This news is so shocking."  

"Is it possible that there were no signs throughout all these years?"

Others are worried about the children's status

"What'll happen to these kids now?"  

"The problem isn't that he's not Saudi, the problem is that he lied"

Many raised this point

"So many comments blaming the wife, asking how she didn't know, question, feel.. how... how... how? If this man succeeded in fooling the authorities for 15 years, how could she have known what he was up to?"