"Hello, it's me ..."

Adele's melodic and haunting lyrics never seem to fade, and now, the British superstar singer has shown the world that, in the face of Islamophobia in the West, she stands 100 percent behind her Muslim fans. 

During a concert in Australia, Adele showed just how much she loves and respects hijabis in the most beautiful way.

In a video of the incident, as the music continues in the background and fans cheer, Adele walks to the edge of the stage, singles out an ecstatic fan wearing the Islamic headscarf and kisses her hand.

And on cue, the Internet erupted

Some world leaders should follow her example

Adele is a 'beautiful human being'

Can the singer get some applause over here?

And her fans love her more than ever

Fun fact: Adele has Middle Eastern heritage!

While some think that it's just a rumor or a hoax, Adele does actually have Turkish heritage. It's unclear how directly connected the singer is to her Turkish roots, but she has highlighted her ancestry on more than one occasion.

"It's funny because all my family are so thin, they were like Turkish and Spanish and English," the singer once said in an interview, talking about her curvy body.

On another occasion, during a live performance, Adele greeted a fan from Turkey saying: "You're from Turkey? I have Turkish family. Yes, I do!"