American-Yemeni YouTube star and vlogger Adam Saleh has just released his debut solo-single on iTunes, a hip-hop track featuring British singer Zac Knight.

Saleh has created a lovable and comedic persona through his YouTube presence and social media channels, often working to promote a positive perspective on Islam. His latest single is an effort to branch out more seriously into music.

“I am only 22 and I want to try everything,” he recently told The National.

“I don’t want to be someone in his 50s saying I wish I done this and that. I always want to try new things.”

When asked about the inspiration for the song, he explained the context.

"It is a song that’s dedicated to my cousin, whose father passed away. She got married and her father wasn’t there and she was very sad about it and she had tears. I wanted to do something about that, to write a song to say that I am there for you, so I began writing some lyrics and it really began from there."

Originally, Saleh just started posting videos to YouTube in 2012 for fun.

"I noticed that I was gaining a big following and I thought, you know what? This is a chance for me to use the opportunity to show how peaceful and amazing Islam is."

Since he start his YouTube channel, Saleh has even made it to the popular Ellen Degeneres Show and made a big screen debut in " American Sharia ."

For his fans in the United Arab Emirates, Saleh will be visiting for a solo show in December.

"The live show is much more fun because you get to interact with the people and it is all unedited. It is more like comedy sketches and I dress as different characters and I move around, I do some crowd challenges, a little bit of stand up and some inspirational talk and question and answers. It is really one big variety show," Saleh told The National.

Even though Saleh seems to be shooting to high success and fame, he is confident he can remain to be the same humble guy that his fans fell in love with through YouTube.

"Anything with fame and money, you gotta think last about that. It doesn’t matter as long as I remain humble and true to myself. I think I have always been myself ever since my first video."

You can download Saleh's track on iTunes here .

Watch Saleh and Knight perform the song live in Manchester below: