A video of a man returning a wallet has gone viral, garnering over 670,000 views and 8,800 shares since it was posted on June 25th. 

The man in question, Peshraw Ahmed, is a Muslim Iraqi who currently lives in Stoke-on-Trent, England. 

He found the wallet on the streets; it contained £220 in cash, a driving license, an ID, and multiple credit cards. Using the driving license, Ahmed was able to track down the wallet's owner and return it safely.

Ahmed told Ilmfeed that he filmed it because he wanted to show what Islam was really about as he thought it has been misrepresented by extremists.

Bare Grillz Fast Food, the restaurant Ahmed works at, proudly posted the video on their Facebook page.

Watch the video below. 

A heartwarming reaction

Gavin, the wallet's owner, refused at first to open the door. He was then baffled by Ahmed's kindness and was vocal about it. 

“Thank you so much. You are such a good person, you are such a kind person. There is no-one like you in the world.” 

He even offered Ahmed guitar lessons as a token of gratitude (since he teaches guitar,) but Ahmed refused to take anything in return.