Late on Monday, Muslim Twitter user Hend Amry posted a tweet that included a direct quote from an article she was sharing on the platform when a man responded telling her that he "smelled jihad," in her post. 

Yes, you heard that right: "smelled jihad". 

Soon after, Amry shared the man's post and brilliantly responded to it. 

Now, while this is certainly not the first time Amry points out such hateful comments and responds to them, this time, a few of her followers joined her in as well. 

Here's how the whole thing went down:  

It all started when Amry posted this tweet...

To which a man replied: "Why do I smell jihad in your post?"

But then Amry's response was right on point

And she wasn't alone, a few of her followers hilariously hit back as well

"Is that a new feature in Twitter?"

Maybe we should call it the "scratch and sniff" app

The trolling game was on

"Can I get that scent in a candle?"

Some even shared the definition of the word "jihad"

But for those who still don't get it

Even though "jihad" is a term that literally means "to struggle," it's still a word that confuses many in the West. 

A proof of this is the fact that its use in an activist's speech or in a tweet is immediately understood as a call for violence. 

This is because the word is falsely linked with extremism, terrorism, and violence even though as Muslim scholar and Twitter commentator Qasim Rashid perfectly puts it, "'Jihad' means 'to struggle.' It does NOT IN ANY WAY mean to 'wage holy war,' or 'kill the infidel,' or 'commit terrorism.'"

In fact, its true meaning manifests in people's daily struggles, in their peaceful stand against oppression and in their attempts to become better human beings.