A viral video of a social media celebrity known as "Model Kholoud," caused a stir on Twitter in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. 

In it, the fashionista is seen walking around the kingdom's heritage village of Ashayqer wearing a short skirt and t-shirt. 

Soon after it began circulating, the video divided people on social media. 

Thousands took to the hashtag 'Ashayqer' in Arabic, demanding that authorities arrest the star for breaking the country's strict dress code for women, who usually wear abayas in public.  

However, a few also posted messages of support, defending Kholoud. 

Some people are shocked and confused

"What's going on?" 

Others are outraged

"People who don't respect the kingdom's rules don't deserve to live in it."  

"How could this even happen in Ashayqer?"

A few called for action against the model

"What she did doesn't fall under 'personal freedom.' It's clear that she wanted to provoke people and go against the country's social rules and norms. She must be punished for this." 

But not everyone was against what she did and many tweeted in her support

"She's freely walking around Ashayqer, regardless of all the backlash, it's still a beautiful idea." 

Others hailed her as "intelligent" and "brave"

A few raised this point

"Why all this fuss? You turned your eyes away from all the catastrophes in the world and the only thing that outraged you is a woman not wearing an abaya?" 

"She didn't force anyone to follow her on Snapchat (her account is also only directed at women.) What's the problem? Why call for an arrest warrant against her?" 

Warrant issued against Kholoud

Following the outrage on social media, Saudi authorities in Ashayqer issued an order initiating the model's arrest, Okaz News reported on Sunday. 

The country's religious police also reacted, sharing a statement on Twitter saying they've been notified of the video and are working with authorities to sort out the matter.