A one-of-a kind - or so we're made to think - sheep was sold for over $130,000 in a head-turning auction that took place in Kuwait this week. It remains unconfirmed when the incident took place but footage capturing it is now stirring up quite the controversy online.

In the video, a group of men can be seen standing around the white sheep while getting bids from people at the event. 

Someone shouts they'll pay 40,000 Kuwaiti dinar ($131,750) and the auctioneer is then heard repeating the number before announcing that the sale was made. 

The animal doesn't look any different than other regular sheep, though online users are circulating that its size is quite larger than the average. 

Not that this reason makes the sale any less nonsensical. 

People are having a difficult time understanding the sum paid, even more so, why the auction was held in the first place. 

In another video, the owner of the same sheep is shown refusing 31,000 Kuwaiti dinar ($102,000).

People found this a tad unbelievable

"There are some things that you can't believe but that doesn't mean they didn't happen. In Kuwait, a sheep was sold in an auction for $131,000. You're free to believe this or not."

"What's inside her stomach... three kilograms of gold?"

"I've decided to go to a different planet"

"Even if he fed it since it was born it wouldn't cost this much"

"One who has money and doesn't know what to do with it can buy pigeons and let them fly"

Some found some sense in the sale but still thought the price was too high

"This sheep belongs to rare species that are sold at unimaginable prices to enhance the breeding of sheep. There are people who adore it and raise it just like they do with camels. But it's ridiculous to raise its price to this degree. Congrats to the person who bought it."

Speaking of camels...

In a recent video that took over the internet in Kuwait and the Arab region last week, a camel called Arnoun was reportedly sold for 16.2 million Kuwaiti dinar ($53.3 million.) 

People online are circulating that the camel is now enlisted in the Guinness World Records book as "the most expensive animal in the world." 

No reputable news publication or source has confirmed this news. One English-language publication reported the price of the camel to be 200,000 Kuwaiti dinar ($658,759) — though that makes an astronomical difference when compared to the price going around online.

Putting this massive gap aside, Kuwaitis and other Arabs have had two shocks in the span of two weeks and are now wondering when did having an animal become more expensive than having a human being.