A Saudi woman named Dina Ali Lasloom tried to seek asylum in Australia but was stopped by airport officials on Monday in the Philippines. She was held until her family could come for her, according to activist reports.

The SAFE Movement, a non-profit organization that fights against abuses carried out under Saudi Arabia's guardianship system, announced on Twitter that despite a trending social media campaign, Dina has been taken back to the kingdom.

Dina claimed her family was abusive and would kill her if they had the chance, according to activists.

Lawyer and activist Moudhi Al Jahani posted a video on Twitter saying she had spoken with Dina throughout the ordeal. She said that once Dina's family arrived in the Philippines, her uncles "tortured her in sight of the Philippines' authority."

Jahani said Dina's uncles hit her and told her they would kill her when they landed in Saudi Arabia. 

"It is most likely that she is not alive," Jahani said in her emotional video. She criticized rights organizations for doing little to aid in the situation, calling on people not to be silent.

Activists are unsure what has actually happened to Dina since she left with her family from the Philippines. 

On social media, the hashtag #SaveDinaAli has been trending throughout the Arab world expressing outrage over the situation and support for the Saudi woman.

Many of the tweets are heartbreaking

Some are realizing they take their own freedom for granted

"There's no excuse"

Asking questions and hoping for the best

Although women in Saudi Arabia have been making significant societal gains over the last few years, they remain subject to a guardian system. This means a male guardian, usually their father, brother or husband, has legal rights over their freedom of movement, ability to work and other aspects of life.

Domestic abuse was criminalized in the kingdom in 2013. A year ago, the kingdom set up a domestic violence reporting center. But since women often suffer abuse at the hands of their male guardians, it is difficult for them to escape and legally charge abusive situations.