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The bizarre case of a Saudi woman who's reportedly married to two men simultaneously has caused quite the stir on social media. 

The story was first reported by Okaz newspaper on Monday, and its shocking details have left social media users puzzled. 

According to the local publication, the woman wed her first husband and lived with him in Jeddah for two months. The husband then moved to another governorate and his wife went to visit her family for a while. 

Soon after, the first husband received a call from someone telling him his wife had married another man.

He then tracked his wife's second husband, called him and confirmed that the news to be true. 

The second husband told the first that when he proposed to the woman's father, he was told she had never married before. 

Both men have since filed complaints against the woman's father since he's her legal guardian (in Saudi Arabia, women cannot marry without the consent of a male guardian). They also filed divorce cases against the woman.

Since polyandry is forbidden in Islam, the father now faces serious charges in the case, including violating Islamic Sharia and fraud. It remains unclear whether his daughter will face similar charges. 

The case continues to unfold

During his interrogation, the father made several conflicting statements. 

He first said he had to "marry his daughter off" to another man because her first husband divorced her 10 days after the couple's wedding. 

When asked why he claimed his daughter had never been married before when he signed her second marriage contract, the defendant said he'd forgotten about the divorce. 

He later backtracked on that statement as well, saying he did tell the sheikh who performed the wedding ceremony his daughter was divorced but didn't note that down on her marriage certificate. 

Authorities have since confirmed that all the defendant's statements were not truthful and that the woman's first husband had never divorced her. 

They suspect the motive behind his actions was material gain since the defendant had several unsolved financial disputes and was looking to cash in on his daughter's dowries. 

The defendant maintains his innocence in the case and has since filed a report saying his daughter has fled their home after the story went viral and is now missing. 

Authorities are now looking for the woman in order to move forward with the investigation.

An online frenzy over the story

"This father's case is just bizarre and weird."

"What did he do all this for? Money!"

The case has shocked many

"How is this even possible? How do people like this exist?"  

People have so many questions...

"OK, so her father isn't a normal human being, but what was his daughter thinking? Where's her mother? Didn't the sheikh who officiated this marriage ask for her approval? Weren't there witnesses to the second marriage?"

Others were left speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God."

"This man is sick for selling his daughter off like this"

"He shouldn't even be her guardian"