Muslim scholar Sheikh Mohamad Al Arefe, sparked a heated online debate earlier this week after he shared a kitchenware ad on his official Twitter account. 

The ad was posted on Saturday and has since gone viral on the platform, sparking controversy among his 20 million followers. 

While many thought it's unsuitable for the religious figure to advertise products online, others saw nothing wrong with it and a few reacted to the entire incident with humor. 

It all started when this Tweet was shared on Al Arefe's account

Many were upset over the ad

"So this is what it has come to."

"Honestly, I think this ad was misplaced, we're used to only seeing prayers on his account"

"I don't agree with you Sheikh, you shouldn't enter this industry"

Others reacted with sarcasm

"Do you have discounts on cars? Please share some as soon as you can."

And humor...

"We want ads for restaurants and traditional home cooked meals."  

"This is better than Black Friday"

Some saw nothing wrong with the ad

"Not to defend him, but it's insane that people think a sheikh has no right to lead a normal life and believe that his job should only revolve around religion." 

"The amount of hate in the comments section is just not normal"

Many also defended Al Arefe

"He has a right to advertise whatever he wants."  

Not a first for Al Arefe

Earlier this year, a video of the Muslim scholar promoting traditional "bukhoor" (incense) went viral on social media. 

The footage sparked a similar controversy at the time, as many deemed his actions unsuitable given his status.