Maria Zakharova, director of information and the press at Russia's ministry of foreign affairs, has been getting some attention after sharing a photo of herself on Facebook dressed in an abaya and hijab. 

Zakharova wore the traditional attire during her visit to Saudi Arabia, in which she took part in meetings between Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Saudi's King Salman.

She did so by adhering to Saudi Arabia's dress code, something most Western female leaders choose not to do when visiting the kingdom.

"In Saudi Arabia, I was asked if we'd be observing the local dress code, I said of course," she wrote, according to a translation provided by Al Arabiya. 

One Facebook user commented on the photo, asking the spokeswoman why she decided to dress conservatively. 

Her response? 

"Because our (Russian) traditions accepts tolerance of the national characteristics and traditions of other peoples [sic]," she wrote. 

Upon landing to the kingdom, she donned a scarf!

And took more than one selfie, too

Zakharova made sure to document parts of the visit via her Facebook account, including photos of Lavrov and Salman during the meeting, which took place on Saturday. 

The meeting saw the two discuss international and regional affairs, including the Saudi-led block against Qatar

"We hope to jointly analyze the implementation of relevant decisions and agreements reached earlier at the top level and agree on further specific steps on upgrading bilateral cooperation," Zakharova said, according to the Jordan Times.

Lavrov also held talks with his Saudi counterpart, Adel Al Jubeir, focusing heavily on the situation in Syria.  

The two see the de-escalation zone plan for Syria as an "important step forward for the Syrian peace process," according to RT. 

The final details for the fourth de-escalation zone in Syria - which would include Idlib Governorate - are expected to be finalized during the upcoming Astana talks this week, Lavrov said.

"We are supporting Saudi Arabia’s efforts for one [opposition] delegation," said Lavrov, according to The National

"We believe that when unification happens — and I think it will happen — that we need to motivate members of this delegation to work out a platform that would help them with the Geneva negotiations."