The inauguration of the Palestinian embassy at Vatican City took place on Saturday. But, the news itself was overshadowed by a photo of a photographer teetering off the ledge of a window to snap a photo of Palestine's president Mahmoud Abbas.  

On Saturday, the Associated Press (AP) shared a photo of a photographer standing on a window ledge as he gets ready to snap a photo of Mahmoud Abbas inside the newly inaugurated embassy. 

The photo has garnered thousands of shares on Facebook since. 

"This embassy in place of pride for us and we hope all of the countries of the world will recognize the state of Palestine, because this recognition will bring us closer to the peace process," said Abbas, according to Al Jazeera

The move is widely seen as "a significant achievement for the Palestinian people," according to Issa Kassissieh, Palestine's ambassador to the Holy See. 

In 2016, the Vatican City officially recognized Palestine as a sovereign state. 

After the photo made the rounds online, an important question was raised by Facebook user Fady Haddad. 

"Whose photo is more important? The photo taken by the photographer at the window or the photo of the one who took this photo?!?" 

Others believed it was all a publicity stunt. 

The opening of the embassy came a day before representatives from over 70 countries came together in Paris for a Palestinian-Israeli peace conference. 

The French-led conference did not involve Palestinian or Israeli representatives. The closing declaration urged both sides to "officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution."

The conference comes amid concerns over President-elect Donald Trump's plans to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which Abbas believes will hinder the peace process altogether.